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First Ukrainian specialized sushi-operator. A complex of services,
products and goods for restaurants of Japanese cuisine.
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Photo Name Packing
"Hoshi" rice bag (22,8) kg
"Nishiki" premium rice bag (22,68 kg)
The mixture for cooking rice (Suihan miola) kg
Udon (wheat noodle) 0,3 kg
Soba (buckwheat noodle) 0,3 kg
Rice flour (Tempurako) bag (20 kg)
Japanese style bread crumbs (Panko) bag (9,07 kg)
Dry soup extract (Hondashi) kg
Dried shaved bonito (Hanakatsuo) kg
Bamboo chopsticks (Japanese style) 1 pack (3000 pcs)
Roasted Hulled Seasame 0,5 kg
Roasted Black Seasame 0,5 kg