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First Ukrainian specialized sushi-operator. A complex of services,
products and goods for restaurants of Japanese cuisine.
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Sauces and seasonings
Photo Name Packing
"Kikkoman" Soy Sauce pail (18,9) L
"Lee Kum Kee" soy sauce pail 18,9 L
Mirin seasoning canister 18,9 L
Kimchee base sauce bottle 1 L
Sauce for baked eel (Unagi) bottle 1,8 L
Creamy dressing (Gаmadari) 1 kg
Tonkatsu handy sauce bottle 1,8 L
"Mizkan" suehiro vinegar (Mitsukan) canister 20 L
Citrus seasoning (Pon-Su) bottle 1,8 kg
Sesame oil (Goma) bottle 1,8 L
Sesame paste (Atari goma) 0,5 kg
Japanese mayonnaise QP bottle 0,5 L
Hoisin Sauce 2,27 kg
Soy paste (Yamabuki akamiso) 1 kg
Soy paste (Yamabuki shiromiso) 1 kg
Oyster Sauce 2,27 kg