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First Ukrainian specialized sushi-operator. A complex of services,
products and goods for restaurants of Japanese cuisine.
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Seafood for japanese cuisine. 

Photo Name Packing
Roasted Eel (Unagi) kg
Tuna Fillet (Maguro) 1 kg
Red seabream snapper (Tai/Madai) kg
Yellowtail/Japanese Amberjack (Hamachi) kg
Gizzard shad (Konoshiro) 0,2 kg
Scallop without roe (Hotategai, Hotate) 1 kg/pack
Mackerel fillet (Shime-saba) kg
Pink shrimp (Ama ebi) 50 pcs
Сuttlefish tube (Bannou Mongou ika) kg
Capelin roe (Masago) kg
Octopus "head off"1,5+ (Tako) kg
Flying fish roe (Tobiko) red/green/orange 0,5 kg